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Cutting Arizona Abortions in Half

Let’s Move Forward I’m proud to be the only candidate who has created a common-sense abortion policy that has broad appeal.  Everyone across the political spectrum agrees that reducing the number of abortions is a worthy goal.  Fighting over the legality and morality of abortion is not an effective way to reduce the number of […]

Common Sense Cannabis

Introduction I’m proud to be the only candidate for Governor of Arizona who has outlined a smart approach to cannabis legalization.  Cannabis has the potential to bring many benefits to Arizona, including: Thousands of jobs with good pay Tax revenue Tourism Positive social reform More effective use of our law enforcement and judicial resources It […]

According to a Recent Poll, I’m the Favorite!

The Punchline According to a recent poll, I’m Arizona Voters’ favorite candidate… …But I’m not yet favored to win. How Can Both Those Things Be True at the Same Time? A recent poll asked likely voters across the political spectrum to envision a race between David Garcia (the current Democratic front-runner), Doug Ducey (the incumbent […]

Arizona Education Association Puts Party Above Teachers

In the month of November, the Arizona Education Association is hosting four gubernatorial town halls across the state. Would you be surprised to learn that the Governor hasn’t been invited to participate? Of his challengers, would you be surprised to learn that the only candidate who has released a comprehensive education platform has been told […]

Comprehensive Education Policy

Summary I am proud to be the first candidate to release a comprehensive education platform.  I applaud Arizona’s teachers and administrators. They work hard and they make a positive impact on Arizona’s students every day. They do an incredible job of giving students the knowledge and skills they need, especially given the existing budgets and […]

Noé Is Going Away

It is with a little bit of sadness that I’m announcing that I will be dropping the “Noé” from my ballot name and campaign brand. When I declared, I was excited to show solidarity with the Hispanic community by including my Spanish name. This is the name by which hundreds of hundreds of native Spanish […]

YouTube Cleanup

In an effort to help new visitors to my YouTube channel focus on what’s important, we’re removing old videos from before the campaign from my channel. But we’re not deleting the videos. If you want to watch the videos I made before I was a candidate, here they are:

It’s About Leadership

I am proud to be the only candidate who is ready to tackle Arizona’s biggest challenge: partisanship. Progress on education reform, immigration reform, health care reform, tax reform, and other important issues cannot be achieved unless we first reduce partisanship in our politics. Today, many people seem to want our leaders to fail; not because […]

Make Arizona Great Again

[A couple months ago I was asked to give a speech on the topic of Making Arizona Great Again.  Here’s what I wrote.] What do we need to do to make Arizona great again? This is an interesting question, particularly given the campaign that most recently asked us to make something great again.  It has […]


I want to express my unqualified love and support for those in our community who were protected by the DACA policy.  The continued presence of these friends and neighbors was neither a drain on our resources nor a trial to be borne.  Rather, associating with these smart, hardworking individuals has truly been a blessing, to me individually and […]