Launch Week Media Roundup

Media Roundup - Image by Jon S on Flickr

We announced a week ago today, and created quite a stir.  Here’s a rundown of everything, and what we thought.  Posts are in roughly chronological order.  My favorite piece so far was probably the one from Fox News, although it could have been even better if they’d had me on!

From KTAR:

My thoughts: We’re grateful they chose to focus on a policy.

From Fox 10:

My thoughts: Kind of them to focus on the announcement.

From Channel 12:

My thoughts: Rather dismissive.  Hardly any mention of politics.

From Phoenix New Times:

My thoughts: Rather dismissive.  Hardly any mention of politics.

From the Capitol Times (requires subscription):

From the AP (on Arizona Daily Sun and Elsewhere):

My thoughts: Fairly neutral, not incredibly deep.


My thoughts: Rather dismissive.  Claims to know the future.  Gets some facts wrong by doing independent research and not confirming with the source.  (I was registered as a Republican because of a misclick on the voter registration website, and it was quickly rectified, but it’s presented as though I was a long time Republican.)

From Channel 3:

My thoughts: Some shock value, but better discussion on the politics and the value of transparency.

From Fox News:

My thoughts: Genuine discussion of the wisdom of the strategy.  Advocates from both sides of the political spectrum.

From the Independent Journal Review:

My thoughts: Expectedly sensational, but also some decent analysis of my views on government transparency.

From RT:

My thoughts: Mostly focused on salacious details.  Sources some images that could be interpreted incorrectly out of context. Not much on my politics.

From Circa:

My thoughts: Mostly focused on the salacious details.  Does do a little analysis of people’s reactions to the strategy.


All told, we got a lot of attention, and a lot of support from Arizona voters.  We’ll be using that to move the conversation towards the issues.

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