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Noé Is Going Away

It is with a little bit of sadness that I’m announcing that I will be dropping the “Noé” from my ballot name and campaign brand. When I declared, I was excited to show solidarity with the Hispanic community by including my Spanish name. This is the name by which hundreds of hundreds of native Spanish […]

YouTube Cleanup

In an effort to help new visitors to my YouTube channel focus on what’s important, we’re removing old videos from before the campaign from my channel. But we’re not deleting the videos. If you want to watch the videos I made before I was a candidate, here they are:

It’s About Leadership

I am proud to be the only candidate who is ready to tackle Arizona’s biggest challenge: partisanship. Progress on education reform, immigration reform, health care reform, tax reform, and other important issues cannot be achieved unless we first reduce partisanship in our politics. Today, many people seem to want our leaders to fail; not because […]

Make Arizona Great Again

[A couple months ago I was asked to give a speech on the topic of Making Arizona Great Again.  Here’s what I wrote.] What do we need to do to make Arizona great again? This is an interesting question, particularly given the campaign that most recently asked us to make something great again.  It has […]


The President’s decision to end the DACA program has awoken us to an important truth: the rights of our friends and neighbors should not be conditional on the whims of a single person. Otherwise, they can be taken away just as easily as they are granted. President Trump has challenged Congress to solve this problem […]

What Have I Been Reading?

Since starting my campaign I’ve read several dozen books, and just made an update to the book list on my bio page. There are certainly some big themes you’ll see.  Some of the things that I’ve spent a lot of time reading about are: Empathy Political Strategy Public Speaking Media and Public Perception There’s also […]

Could You or Someone You Know Be First Lady of Arizona?

As a single man who is evidently predisposed to that relationship status (you can laugh, it’s ok), should I become Governor, I will lack for a First Lady in the traditional sense.  The question then arises, should Arizona go without a First Lady for the duration of my tenure in office, or should another first […]

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pardon: Official Statement

Because of the ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio pardon, Maricopa county’s voters and more especially our minority communities are feeling unheard, unloved, and unsafe.  Unfortunately, by endorsing his illegal, racially targeted policies at a national level, minority communities across America are being forced to feel those same emotions. To everyone who ever personally experienced racial profiling by […]

Help Me Get Clean (Elections)

When I changed parties, I also changed fundraising strategies.  The major parties have access to a fundraising machine that independents do not currently enjoy (though I think we surpass them in future elections cycles). Fortunately, Arizona has a program for candidates that are not connected to big donors.  It’s called Clean Elections. Fundamentally, the Clean […]

Fall Interns

If you or someone you know is looking to get invaluable campaign experience and college credit at the same time, we want you! As an intern on the campaign, you will get will get high-level experience on a statewide candidate campaign.  But this is not a good fit for someone who just wants experience.  First and foremost, […]