Why T-mobile May Become the Most Highly Regarded Service Company in America

T-mobile has made some surprising progress towards becoming the most highly regarded service company in America. In a previous article I discussed things that I thought would be important to change to achieve that goal, but that I thought T-mobile would be unwilling to address. But to a great degree I have been proven wrong.
I theorized that the biggest improvements T-mobile could make would be to: 1) eliminate overage, 2) eliminate contracts, and 3) ensure customers always have a working handset. It’s been only 8 months, and while T-mobile hasn’t done much with #3, they have made some awesome strides with steps 1 and 2.
T-mobile has done 2 major things to eliminate overage. First, they introduced the hotspot at home service. This service gives subscribers with broadband internet unlimited calls from home, from 7500 T-mobile hotspots, and basically anywhere else with wifi (except internet cafés and hotels that have a login page, since T-mobile’s phones can’t display the login page). Having unlimited calls from all these places does a lot to help people avoid going over their minutes. Second, T-mobile launched Flexpay. Flexpay allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a plan, without the risk of overage. All you have to do is prepay the cost of your plan each month. And if you pay full price for your phone you don’t have to have a contract.

These improvements are certainly evidence that T-mobile does in fact have the willpower to change even the core practices of its business to be sure that customer satisfaction is their #1 priority.

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